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War has been engraved into society generation to generation; and many games have followed the process of giving us the experience of war through the eyes of an armed soldier. Thanks to the media many of us have witnessed civilians who are dealing with the hardship in a war-torn environment; luckily for us through the safety of our homes.

Rarely do any of us play the role or have a deeper understanding of what hardship and horrific lifestyle these civilians (who are mainly overshadowed in military games) must go through on a daily bases within a war torn city. War changes people; and ‘This War of Mine’ from 11 bit studios is not your generic military shooter. 

It introduces a unique take by placing you in a besieged world through the eyes of an everyday individual trying to survive within a dangerous environment with other survivors. 11 bit studios is creating a survival game where during the day there may be snipers who are on the look out to eliminate any civilians (that being you or any of your team members) and during the pitch black darkness of the night you may be able to gather supplies or other resources for you and your teams survival. 

Difficult decisions may be encountered with having to sacrifice certain members for the good of the whole team; this game shows great potential especially through a medium that many of us are familiar with but now through the experience of a helpless survivor. An interesting concept and if done well this could be one memorable, emotional and unmissable ride for us all. Keep this on your radar as Indi developers are on the rise and ‘This War of Mine’ could be a new jewel to our gaming library; due out this year for PC.  

aka a war game that doesn’t glorify war. A++

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awwwss :c


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